If you've never done a workshop before, or
You suddenly find yourself required to do a workshop, or
If you've dabbled and would like to improve your results . . .

"How to design and deliver workshops
that have participants saying WOW! and inviting you back."

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"an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that ensures success even if you've never done a workshop before..."

I can honestly and eagerly say, after reading 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops, I feel like I now have the tools to set up and present my own workshops in a way I wouldn’t have believed before I picked up the ebook!

7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops also delves into how to market yourself before, during, and after your workshop in a natural and inviting way, so that your workshop does not become just an infomercial for your other services.

There are examples of questions to use at any point during your workshop to keep the flow and momentum going, and to make you feel like you can maneuver through any inevitable glitch or surprise. I feel like I could put together a workshop that I would be proud of by this afternoon.
Rebecca Soulette, Life Coach, www.RebeccaSoulette.com

  • Is your inability to deliver great workshops holding you back?

  • Panicking because you just found out you have to give a presentation or workshop?

  • Need to increase your revenues or gain credibility at work?

  • Do you want to naturally attract clients who will want to work with you?


Dear workshop presenter:

How much is one successful workshop worth to your business or career? Suppose you could sit down, pull together a great workshop, deliver it and then achieve even greater results than you expected. Imagine... one workshop bringing you new clients, referrals, and greater credibility. It's all possible with this ready-to-go template available in...

  • e-book form AND
  • as discussed in the 5 hour audio program available immediately online

    that gives you confidence and saves you nerve-wracking preparation time.

    Never create a workshop from scratch again.

    Why reinvent the wheel? Your time is too valuable. This e-book and 5 hour audio workshop class were especially designed for someone who has never attempted a workshop before OR for someone who has been doing workshops but wants them to be more dynamic and memorable.

    Think about it. With these "turn-key" products, there isn't a lot of thinking involved. The thinking part has already been done for you.

    All you have to do is plug in your topic, follow the seven steps and you will be ready to go.

    Never Fear Designing and Delivering A Successful Workshop Again...

    • Do you get butterflies in your stomach just at the thought of preparing for a workshop?
    • Is this your first workshop or would you like to make your workshop presentation more dynamic?
    • Undecided about a workshop topic or title?
    • Giving a workshop but not sure how to pull it together?
    • Want to make sure your workshop has a memorable message?
    • Unsure you can easily stay within the time frame allotted?
    • Nervous about losing your place or forgetting your material?

    Though there are a lot of books out there about how to go about designing, delivering, and promoting training events, most of these are lengthy, technical, and academic. In 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops, Barb and Marion have done an exceptional job of distilling just the essential, practical elements into a simple roadmap that will allow you to hit the ground running. It is also very comprehensive, virtually demystifying the process of designing and delivering magical experiential workshops and trainings. 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops is a must have resource for any aspiring trainer, facilitator, or group leader!
    --Steve Davis, Founder, http://www.FacilitatorU.com


    Creating A Dynamic, Successful Workshop Is Now Within Reach...

    The e-book alone gives you "hands on" access to already designed, dynamic exercises that will capture and engage your audience.

    The 5 hour audio program enhances the examples from the book through facilitator and participant discussion.

    Save yourself days of preparation, freeing yourself up for more leisure time and enjoyment.
    With this book and 5 hour audio workshop class, you gain all of the benefits giving dynamic workshops creates:

    • Turn participants into paying clients
    • Create "buzz" so participants tell others about you
    • Create an opportunity for selling your other products or services.
    • Grow a list of glowing testimonials that you can use in your marketing materials (web site, brochures, etc.).
    • Fill your future workshops with interested, prospective clients
    • Attract new subscribers to your professional newsletter
    • Build your rolodex of contacts for future business

    I was attracted to 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops because at my recent speaking engagements, I've been asked by participants to provide a follow-up hands on and practical workshop. I decided to to buy the book because I needed help on designing a workshop.

    7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops was most beneficial to me because it provides a structure/framework that allows me to develop my own workshops. The book definitely saved me time and energy, because otherwise I would have had to reinvent the wheel. I've already recommended the book to fellow colleagues who are also in the process of developing their own workshops.

    If you're considering purchasing 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops as I was, buy before the price goes up!

    As for the content, let me take this chance to congratulate you: it's awesome!
    --Tito de Morais, Founder & Owner www.MiudosSegurosNa.Net



    With your purchase of the 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops e-book you get...

    •   7 presentation design and delivery secrets, including 25 tips and examples
    • 22 exercises, each with detailed setups, including introductions, icebreakers, experiences and summaries
    • 12 bonus tips and 7 bonus exercises
    •   3 powerfully impactful visual demonstrations that help workshop participants "get" your topic so they can use the information in their everyday lives

    and, that's not all, you also receive...

    34 Bonus comprehensive resources from the experts culled together in one, at-your-fingertips place including:

    • handouts and checklists, such as: "Topics to Help Narrow Your Workshop's Focus," the "Event Planning/Workshop Checklist,"  a "Workshop Evaluation Form," and more
    • lists of internet sites and organizations with useful information and examples whose focus is workshop presentations
    • internet links to a variety of sites for finding appropriate quotations
    • best selling books related to workshops
    • online discussion groups for expert advice and material

    When you purchase the 5 hour audio program PLUS the e-book, you get all of the benefits of the e-book as well as the opportunity to listen at your own pace...

  • Hour 1: Introduction to workshop design and framing your message

  • Hour 2: Being Prepared: 10 Critical Behind-the-Scenes Strategies

  • Hour 3: Knitting it All Together

  • Hour 4: Experiential Exercises and Just-in-Time Coaching

  • Hour 5: Icing on the Cake

    This 5-day class was a model and structure for developing workshops and provided me with the confidence that I can produce a fun and dynamic workshop. I thought the content was great - the e-book is wonderful - succinct, well organized, and practical information. The information in the ebook was repeated, reviewed, and used as a launching point for discussion. This is an effective approach and it worked well for me. I received enough value before the first class to justify all of my costs and it just kept getting better!
    --Doug Leland, Executive Coach and Retirement Specialist http://www.soarworldwide.com


    Ready to buy?
    RealxAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone

    I found this teleclass of enormous value, so much so that I actually looked forward to getting up at 3am in the morning to attend.
    What I found valuable in this 5-day teleclass was the level of knowledge that was passed on by the presenters. I walked away with a greater understanding of the importance of building trust with the audience and designing content that passes on a good depth of information.
    You created an environment right from the start that was open, friendly which made all the participants well at ease and willing to share.
    --Steven Farrugia, Business Development Manager, Boral, Inc.



    No problem....

    Whether you are choosing a topic or one has been requested, 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops will guide you. Included is a powerful, one step formula for selecting your own topic and a three-step process for presentations when you don't have complete control over doing so.

    Finally! Already Created for You
    Three Broad Topics Spelled Out in Great Detail...

    In just a few minutes you can get started preparing a workshop with these simple -yet extremely powerful- ideas instead of staring at a blank piece of paper. With the purchase of 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops you receive specific examples and exercises that:

    • can be customized to fit three popular workshop topics (relationships, change, and boundaries)
    • are adaptable enough to use for a variety of other workshop topics
    • can be used for a variety of audiences
    • enable you to do a workshop on any one of these topics based on the book alone!

    "7 Simple Secrets To Successful Workshops makes it easy for coaches, trainers and facilitators who are new to developing and delivering workshops. I wish this material had been available when I began my own workshops, but this eBook reminds me to stick to the basics when developing new workshops. It is full of practical tips on every step including:

    • how to choose a topic and making it unique to you;
    • entering into a relationship with your audience (large or small);
    • excellent resources for quotes, topics, ideas and agendas;
    • experiential exercises to get the audience interacting; and
    • marketing strategies to connect with people who might put you in front of their group, organization or business.

    Barb and Marion have compiled the best of the best tips for faciliatators, trainers, coaches wanting to wade gently into the workshop pool and at the same time provided a depth of knowledge that even a seasoned trainer can appreciate. Well done!"
    Rick Hunter, President
    Isotropics Life Coaching
    - For the THRILL of your Life



    No big deal. The e-book includes a "tried and true" two-step method that will have you easily creating compelling titles. Included as well is a bonus list of power words that are guaranteed to attract interest AND, when you purchase either the book or the audio program/book combination, you also receive a bonus formula on creating "Workshop Titles that Stimulate Registration" from expert Michael Losier.

    Michael's easy-to-follow outline ensures your success by creating a 'winning' title. His skill with words is a result of NLP training, and most of what is being described in writing titles are NLP Language Strategies. (http://www.lawofattractionbook.com, Michael Losier, NLP expert and Co-Founder of Teleclass International)


    An entire chapter of the book and a portion of the audio is devoted to an easy-to-use formula for insuring that you have just the right amount of material for the time frame allotted and participants leave with applicable, practical steps to apply in their own lives.


    Don't worry. Included is one key process that reduces overwhelm and ensures effective delivery of the material in an organized way that guarantees participants get the most out of your presentation.

    Ready to get started?
    RealAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone

    This course has been JUST IN TIME (divine time) coaching for me. The fear, the mental blocks have broken free. And I do believe it is the FORMULA/ STRUCTURE that set me free. It was EASY to fit my ideas into your outline. And I think I have an awesome workshop that is going to be fun and dynamic! I can see the path in front of me and I am FULL STEAM AHEAD! My passion and energy are back after a long hiatus!
    Having you WALK us through it personally - and having the personal anecdotes, stories,ideas has been bringing it to LIFE so much better. The EASE with which you both delivered the information and flowed back and forth with each other demonstrated true mastery in action. GREAT JOB and thanks so much for helping me kickstart my dream!
    Thanks for the masterful and inspiring class!
    --Lisa C. Morgan, CPC, MT-BC, Certified Professional Coach - Board Certified Music Therapist www.journeybacktojoy.com


    Still unsure?

    When you buy this e-book or the e-book/audio program combination, you also receive THREE COMPLEMENTARY BONUSES never before put together in one, "at-your-fingertips" place.

    Save yourself the time and energy we have already spent pulling together numerous expert resources and creating our own audio clip, an expert audio interview, and lots of expert's top techniques and written materials. With one click you can get the book AND all of these great bonuses, without having to spend time seeking expert advice or hoping you will come across some of these as you search the Internet.

    BONUS #1


    "How to Design and Deliver a Dynamic, In-Person Workshop" (VALUED AT $50)

    You have access to a live, one hour class on successful workshop design and delivery given by one of the e-book's authors, Marion Franklin. (Available by RealAudio and MP3)


    "Class was well organized, delivery was excellent. Covered a lot of ground. I went away with solid information and success secrets." - C.T.

    "You gave us such great tips on how to organize and run a workshop. I now feel more confident and can't wait to schedule my next workshop." - D.S.

    "The class was packed!! I loved it!! It was so helpful and moved at a nice clip. I have created workshops for 10 years and this gave me some information that I had missed!! Well delivered and engaging. I learned a lot. It is definitely an art." - B.C.

    "Excellent class. I am in the process of developing two different workshops and this class helped me get over a hump with both of them!" - R. H.

    "I just attended your 'In-Person workshop' class. I have been speaking for over 15 years. I thought your class was excellent in presentation. I notice that with some of the instructors we have classes that are more coaching in nature instead of teaching. We're not taking teleclasses to get coached. We're taking teleclasses to learn our craft. Thanks for hitting the mark!"
    Chere B. Estrin, Ph.D.
    Estrin Professional Careers, http://www.CareerCoachesInternational.com


    BONUS #2


    "The Seven Biggest Mistakes Workshop Presenters Make" (VALUED AT $25)

    Included with your purchase is the tips sheet "The Seven Biggest Mistakes Workshop Presenters Make" written by Marion Franklin and Barb Elgin. The e-book material addresses how to avoid these seven mistakes.

    I had an out-of-town three day Workshop to get ready for and was a little stuck (diff material than I was used to presenting) and thought that any additional resource to better prepare for the workshop would be beneficial.

    The most beneficial tools and concepts: Learning cycle, sample forms (intake, eval--differed from what I had, on my own, created, so helpful to see new questions there), Title Selection (from initial title: "Getting Organized: Reduce Stress" . . . to: "Getting Organized: Discover How to Reduce Stress and Balance your Life" ! Love it!)

    This book worked exceptionally well for the workshop I ran, will definitely refer to again for future projects. It gave me peace of mind in knowing I had covered the bases of what a "Successful Workshop" should look like. I'd created many on my own, kinda' winging it, now I know that I've done all I can to produce and deliver a quality product.

    It covers a wide range of topic queries a new presenter may have and can fine-tune the final product of a seasoned presenter. You will not regret it! Definitely a positive tool to create a new or tweak an existing Presentation/ Workshop.

    I thought my workshops were great, or so the attendees always wrote, yet when I had to do a new/longer workshop on a bit more varied subject matter, I thought I'd invest in the "7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshop" workbook. I expected to get a few morsels of new ideas, instead, this workbook helped me look at my entire presentation and change enough about it that I now know it it the best product that I could do for my client. I am very happy with all the material and new insight in this workbook and HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who is new at creating a workshop or who is a seasoned presenter.

    Roxy Hambleton, CPO, Nationally Certified Professional Organizer Positively-Organized


    BONUS #3


    "The Designing Winning Workshops Micro-Skills Seminar Package" (VALUED AT $25)

    This package of written and audio materials will greatly enhance your library of workshop design and delivery resources. Included are the following:

    • A pre-recorded, one-hour teleclass (and detailed notes) with master facilitator Steve Davis, interviewing experienced training and employee development specialist Marg Wall on the topic: "10 Questions Every facilitator Should Answer Before Designing Their Next Workshop"
    • An "Instructional Design Checklist" which will help you determine the design work required to develop your workshop.
    • The "Workshop Design Proficiencies Self-Assessment" which helps you identify the areas in which you wish to enhance your knowledge and skills.
    • An article by Dave Zielinski, a Minneapolis-based freelance writer and editor entitled "Secrets from the Pros: Five Master Presenters Share Their Top Techniques." Included are secret strategies from five of the top presenters in the world including Colin Powell's speechwriter, Hal Gordon.
    • NavAir Orlando's "Training Revolution Lexicon Dictionary," a 60-page reference with hundreds of training-related terms.
    • Langevin Learning Services "Training Terms Dictionary," a 45-page reference of training terms A-Z.

    RealAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone

    I recently delivered my first workshop and thankfully remembered to purchase Marion and Barbara's 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops. What a sound investment! To say that it's thorough is a vast understatement. They over deliver in every phase of building a workshop, and then some.

    The participants were so grateful not only for what I brought, but also for the clarity, high levels of active involvement, and ease of understanding.

    It would not have been so successful had it not been for your practical steps, structured outline/roadmap, and easy-to-follow ideas. Thank you both for assisting me in creating the workshop I had envisioned.

    Vicki Kramer Nathan, Life Coach Vicki Kramer Nathan


    Still undecided?


    Don't lose any sleep over your next workshop. Included in 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops are ten, fail-safe ideas that seasoned presenters use to increase the likelihood of a smooth presentation. In addition, are six tips, a checklist and three bonus tips to guide you.

    This is the e-book you've been waiting for! 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops offers substantive guidance to understand workshop preparation. Marion and Barb provide a systematic, understandable and useful approach to running successful workshops including choosing an appropriate workshop topic, focusing on want your audience needs to know, preparation strategies, organizing the finished product as well as tips and experiential exercises.

    As a veteran curriculum writer/workshop designer, and workshop leader of eighteen years, I can visualize the simplicity of this e-book as an effective tool in both disciplines. If you don't know about creating effective workshops, this book is for you. For those with more advanced knowledge, this e-book will prove to be a valuable resource. Read it. Use it. Benefit from it.
    Doug Constant, Coordinator




    Included in the e-book and further discussed with more examples in the audio program are the two masterful elements that ensure your workshop stands out and provides an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise.

    Click below to receive either your copy of the e-book and the RealAudio or the book alone and the three bonuses.

    RealAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone

    Hey, this book was wonderful! And very thorough! A completely soup-to-nuts approach. I actually like a lot of clear examples and explanations with my structure... and this book gave me exactly what I wanted, and everything I need to get started right away! Thanks for writing it!

    Beth M. Lyons, techiecoach.com
    Technology Without the Overwhelm



    After a great deal of thought, we have priced 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops e-book at only $47 NO! We changed it to $27!  We are confident that you will have material WAY beyond this value.

    OR, for only $77 (that was the old price), NOW it's $47, you get the e-book, PLUS you also get immediate access to the 5 hour recorded program: Secrets to Designing Dynamic Workshops from Scratch as facilitated by Steve Davis and Marion Franklin, a course based on the book.

    We are practically giving it away - at least for a short while - because we are so confident that it will generate referrals and happy customers and spread positive feedback.

    It's easy to get started right away.

    Just Click below and you can immediately download your copy of the e-book AND the three complimentary bonuses right away or order the e-book PLUS RealAudio, and complimentary bonuses.

    Order Now:
    RealAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone


    Your success in using these powerful strategies is completely guaranteed. In fact, here is our 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

    We personally guarantee that, by implementing the strategies, tips and ideas in this book, your preparation time will decrease and your workshop quality will increase.
    If you're not 100% satisfied up until 10 days from purchase, you can keep the two audio clips, the seminar package, tip sheets, etc. and upon your request, we will issue a refund.

    According to John Eggin, who has helped some of the most successful InfoGurus such as Mark Victor Hansen of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series and Robert G. Allen of 'The One Minute Millionaire', "the fastest, easiest path to success in anything is to locate someone with a system that has produced the kinds of results you want consistently, then learn their system and apply it." We have devised a system for designing and delivering workshops. Buy this book or the audio/book combination and learn our simple, yet effective system. Add to that our 100% money back guarantee and what have you got to lose?


      Marion Franklin and Barb Elgin

    marion@lifecoachinggroup.com and barb@barbelgin.com

    P.S. If you would like additional support in designing your workshop, we offer individualized phone consultations VALUED at $100 per hour with one of the expert authors to hone your ideas, resolve your concerns and answer your questions as you create your next workshop.

    After purchasing the book, you are entitled to a 20% discount;
    After purchasing the book and audio combination, you are entitled to a 50% discount
    on the above-quoted consultation fee
    if you choose to take advantage of this offer.

    P.P.S. If you're not satisfied up until 10 days from purchase, you can keep the two audio clips, seminar package, and tip sheets and upon your request, we will issue a refund. In addition, you are still entitled to the discounted consultation fee.

    Comments from two people who followed up with a one-on-one 30 minute consultation:

    "The event went very well. All in all, a very interactive, high energy and successful event! I got two other speaking engagements out of it, as well as three prospective coaching clients : ) Thanks so much for your coaching around that." Neesha D. Meminger, Communications Coach, http://www.seeitbeit.com


    YOU HAVE IT!!!! Thanks for the helpful session. I love to teach and mentor; teaching presenters to share their material would be such an honor. If you ever want to train teachers or market your work via a teaching community, please let me know. Lynne Michelson, ConnectStLouis.com


    Order now through our Secure Server, and get instant access!

    RealAudio 5-hour Class PLUS E-Book OR E-Book Alone

    7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops is a fabulous resource. I have avoided putting a workshop together for over two years, for fear of how to begin, how to put it together, how to be sure it lasts long enough, what to say, and how to not make a complete fool out of myself. After reading this ebook, I feel like I could put together a workshop that I would be proud of by this afternoon. 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops gives you enough tips, structure, example questions and interactive exercise ideas to get started with your own workshops immediately. Not only does it lead you through the how of putting a successful workshop together, but it tells you the why -- so you really understand the rationale behind when and why to ask the participants questions, to introduce exercises, and what kinds to use.

    It offers tools for creating handouts, how to present them, workshop set-up and structure, time management, how to research your chosen topic and create relevant and compelling questions, exercises, and material. It offers resources of where to go for workshop ideas, exercise ideas, and samples of the kinds of interactive exercises that work to make your workshop a stand-out experience for your participants. 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops also delves into how to market yourself before, during, and after your workshop in a natural and inviting way (and so that your workshop doesn't become just an infomercial for your other services).

    There are examples of questions to use at any point during your workshop to keep the flow and momentum going, and to make you feel like you can maneuver through any inevitable glitch or surprise. The bonus tips offer promotional ideas, how to outline your workshop for the best ease of use during the workshop, how to handle difficult participants, and where to go for support while you begin to step out into the world of public speaking.

    I can honestly and eagerly say, after reading 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops, I feel like I now have the tools to set up and present my own workshops in a way I wouldn't have believed before I picked the ebook up!
    Rebecca Soulette, Life Coach, www.RebeccaSoulette.com

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